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Playing Sports in College

If your student is interested in playing sports in college, please check out all the information in this section. You will find information on current NCAA and NAIA eligibility requirements to help with your high school course planning.  I highly encourage parents of junior high students to check this out so that you know what your student will need to do beginning his/her Freshman year of high school.


What Eligibility Center do I use?

     NCAA Eligibility Center – For Division I, II, and III public universities. Student must register and submit information.

     NAIA Eligibility Center – For private colleges and universities.  Student must register and submit information.

     NJCAA – Junior colleges. Work with the athletic department at interested school to determine eligibility.

Want to play sports in college?

NCAA Eligibility Center web page with student resources

Narrated presentation of steps for high school students to take to achieve eligible status

Our high school’s NCAA-approved course list

NAIA Eligibility Center