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Wildcat Summer Conditioning Program


Conditioning Times Starting June 8:

  • JH/HS boys

    • 6:30am - 8:00am

    • M-Th

  • JH/HS girls

    • 7:15am - 8:15am

    • M-Th

Summer Schedule

  • June 8-18
    • ​Conditioning will take place at the football field and track
  • ​June 22-July 30
    • ​Conditioning will include weights and sports specific workouts 

General Expectations:

  • Coaches, staff, and students not actively participating in a workout should wear a mask. 

  • Frequent hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.

  • Maintain social distancing

  • Locker rooms will be closed but restrooms will be available

  • Anyone feeling sick should stay home and contact their healthcare provider.

Pre-workout screening:

  • Temperatures of all participants and COVID questions will be asked daily.  A daily log of the data will be kept.  

  • Any person with positive symptoms reported will not be allowed to take part in the workouts and will be immediately sent home and instructed to contact their healthcare provider.  Coach will contact the parent to inform them.

  • Anyone who has experienced any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 within the previous 14 days will not participate in the workout activities. 

  • Anyone who has had contact with a person who has tested positive for the coronavirus will not participate in any workout activities for 14 days from the time of exposure. 

  • Any new student moving into the community will not be permitted to participate for the first 14 days following their move.

  • Anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 will not be allowed to participate without a letter released from their healthcare provider. 

Participant hygiene and athletic equipment:

  • All athletic equipment, including balls, will be cleaned intermittently during workouts.

  • Max lifts will be limited and power cages will be used for squats and bench press.  Spotters will stand at each end of the bar. 

  • Students will provide their own water bottles

  • There will be no sharing of athletic towels, clothing, or shoes.

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